The festival

The Lake Endless Joy Festival is a young and dynamic project that is constantly growing. Engineers, technicians, stage managers, designers, light designers, choreographers, tuners, audio engineers are just part of the highly skilled technical team of a format unique in the world. It is a yearly music festival which, for a period of one month, will be hosting both ltalian and international artists in an immersive experience, celebrating Music, Art, Social inclusion and Culture. The festival aims to promote Lake Como's striking scenery while reflecting the close connection between music and landscape.

Art director

Alessandro Martire

Part of a new generation of neoclassical pianists and composers, Alessandro is an ambassador of Italian excellence around the world. At 30, he's performed in various international tours, including the Flames of Joy World Tours, which saw him travel the globe — from Japan and Russia to Hong Kong and USA. He has also composed soundtracks for films, short films, theatre and commercials.


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